Five PRIME Advantages of BigCommerce That Boost Online Store Growth

Nov 12th 2021

Five PRIME Advantages of BigCommerce That Boost Online Store Growth

The easiest way to build, run, and grow a business online is with the help of Bigcommerce – a leading online eCommerce platform. BigCommerce makes it simple to handle the complexity of selling online. Not to say that its tools are artistically developed to fuel the growth of businesses migrating to online platforms. Within less time and less cost, you can build, run, and grow an efficient business online that’s up and moving fast. This open-source e-commerce platform offers an exclusive suite of extraordinary features and functionality to showcase your products and manage your e-store quite efficiently without a hiccup.

Nevertheless, for boosting your online business, it is imperative to have a clean eCommerce website design that is crucial for site speed, user-friendliness, and responsiveness. And, BigCommerce Stencil – Themes and Templates help you to move a step ahead in the competition. BigCommerce Stencil is the theme engine specially designed for online stores that help you in developing an elegant and engaging storefront that portrays your brand well and attracts the eyes of the users. Through attractive BigCommerce stencil design templates, you can easily create a customized web store from scratch.

No doubt, BigCommerce offers various themes with easy customization for the cornucopia of different business domains. Additionally, BigCommerce BluePrint to Stencil migration is also a new wave due to many of the exuberant features and elegance that this advanced stencil theme engine offers.

Why just themes, BigCommerce has more to offer. The new businesses can leverage the potential of Bigcommerce to overcome unprecedented challenges and scale their growth. The open source platform offers unrivalled advantages to the businesses looking to adapt to a digital world.

Top Five Advantages of Implementing BigCommerce for Your eCommerce Business

Simple & Easy eCommerce Management

It is quite tedious and complicated managing your new or growing online business. The simplified and easy to handle eCommerce content management system helps to manage everything in one place. The inventory management tools help to improve planning and maintain a proper record of inflow and outflow inventory. The essential tools including customer groups help to quickly craft personalized shopping experiences for your customers. Additionally, you have the choice to choose from the suite of leading shipping and payment gateway providers to find the best option that seamlessly fits into your business, without causing any penalties.

Driving More Online Traffic

Bigcommerce has everything into it. With this ecommerce platform, you don’t have to beat around the bush to look for improving your website’s search engine rankings or reaching the right audience. Inbuilt with SEO tools, the BigCommerce platform allows you to drive more online traffic. Not limited to this, you can build buzz, find your target audience, and drive more site traffic. With its customizable URLs and robot.txt access, you can easily improve your SEO strategies. It also allows for seamless integration of plug-ins like POS whereas the leading providers like Square and Clover are never a miss. The leading online commerce platform has more capacity as it allows you with popular channel integrations like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook that invariably helps you sell more. No doubt, BigCommerce has more to offer when it comes to marketing features and tools.

Converting More Sales

Why not give your customers a hassle-free pathway for checkout to purchase for a higher rate of conversion ratios with BigCommerce advanced features. Leveraging the potential of the Page Builder tool, you can effectively make your store run faster and can quickly make changes to your running site, without the expert coding talent required. It is good to know that you can easily streamline checkout functionality with customized one-page checkout and also gain back the customers with the most effective tool of shopping cart recovery.

Moreover, you can put your products at the front line with the help of native Google AMP and optimized images with the help of image managers like Akamai.