How to Find Your Missing BigCommerce Store Web URL

Nov 12th 2021

How to Find Your Missing BigCommerce Store Web URL

Bigcommerce is a real gem when it comes to choosing a platform for building your online store. Due to its durability and feasibility, it has more to provide to make your estore highly effective for both users and search engines. Thus, a leading ecommerce builder, BigCommerce offers extreme scalability when it comes to online stores. BigCommerce web design

While handling your BigCommerce store, sometimes, out of the blue, it may happen that you may not be able to access your store or control panel, which may be due to some issues with the domain. And, the common scenario that leads to this situation is when you change your store’s domain in the control panel before the domain is pointing to your store. Thus, you end up with no access either to your store or the control panel. Therefore, it is vital to learn and figure out how to find your web address, especially during the crisis, and its various forms, so that in any dire situation, you can easily access your storefront, no doubt in situations like the above mentioned.

Your Store’s MISSING URL and The Various Ways To FIND It

It is well known that URL is a Uniform Resource Located, also known as the web address. This specifies the location of a web resource that is your storefront on a computer network that is an internet and a medium to locate it or for retrieving its information. It is quite obvious that when the customers visit your site, your URL appears on their browser’s web address. It will look something like Moreover, if you’re on a trial account, your URL will appear nearly as

If you want to view your storefront and your store’s URL, you can do it easily by logging into your store and clicking on the button with “View Store” which appears at the top left of the control panel.

In a situation, where you have connected your store to varied channels like WordPress, then you just need to click on “View Storefronts” to select the storefront which you want to view.