Tips to Improve BigCommerce Webstore Speed and Optimize Conversion Rate

Nov 12th 2021

Tips to Improve BigCommerce Webstore Speed and Optimize Conversion Rate

As an online business owner with a BigCommerce store, you will always try to increase the conversion rate. You may be doing an ‘N’ number of things like buying ads, sending emails and putting on great deals just to drive in more customers and increase the sales. But, in spite of all these efforts, if still the users are browsing away to other stores then you need to check the loading speed of your BigCommerce store. And none better than BigCommerce Development Service can help to improve the loading speed and performance of your online store. In this age of instant gratification, customers can’t wait for long when they have a wide pool of web stores running faster at their disposal. So, run down through the list of things that hamper the speed of your BigCommerce online store and leverage the tips given that can help improve the loading speed of your store along with increasing the conversion rates.

Fix Redirects

With time your eCommerce site expands due to the addition of numerous categories and subcategories for your range of products. This is actually a good thing but this may lead to an unclear path for some products and subcategories, which may still be linked to old categories or unwanted ones. Fortunately, BigCommerce provides the best redirect solution. It automatically redirects such unwanted linking to the actual working categories or product range. This leads to lower loading time giving a boost to the speed of your BigCommerce online store.

Site Speed Test

Want to speed test your BigCommerce store? Then go for it as it is the right way to analyze the speed as this helps to figure out the main factors affecting the speed of your storefront. Also, a seasoned BigCommerce web developer ushers to find the most critical aspect that must have decreased the speed. Speed test also shows you if your site is using higher than required images file size which may slow the loading speed. Addressing these trivial but important things can boost the speed.

Image Optimization

This is one of the main factors affecting the speed of your BigCommerce web store. It is important to know that to attract customers it is not necessary to have enormously large images. You can cut down the image file size and keep the standard file size that can help for quick loading of the site. With the help of expert BigCommerce design service, get those images sliced to the right size, to help increase your eCommerce website speed.

Content Optimization

The content plays the most important role in increasing the sales. However, the pointless and unnecessary content, on the contrary, will put down the website’s speed. BigCommerce provides complete control on setting up the layout of your store and this helps to display products as required. And, giving away five on a page is the best one. Also, keep your categories and subcategories clean and clear for the browsers to find what they are looking for easily. For more clear navigation, a skillful bigCommerce web designer or BigCommerce web developer can streamline everything for quick and easy navigation.