BENTISM Wooden High Chair: Adjustable, with Tray, 31" Tall

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High Chair For Babies & Toddlers
The baby high chair features smooth rounded edges and aligns perfectly with standard table heights, making feeding both easy and convenient. Simplify your child's mealtime and learning experience with this ergonomically designed high chair that grows with them.
Highly Adaptable
The wooden high chair can be adapted to suit different phases of your baby's growth. Make adjustments based on your child's age and physique for a dining experience that is both comfortable and secure.
Human-Centric Design
Engineered to align with the developmental stages of a child, this chair lets you adjust the height of both the seat and footrest to accommodate different age groups. It aids in maintaining a straight back and a 90-degree angle at the knees, while ensuring the feet are flat on the footrest.
Top-Tier Material
Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly beech wood, this adjustable high chair is free from odors and formaldehyde, offering not just utility but also safety for your child.
Easy to Maintain
Use a soft, clean cloth that will not scratch the surface when dusting. Do not store wood products outdoors or in a humid environment when not in use. Periodically tighten screws and bolts,as needed.
User-Friendly Assembly
This dining booster seat comes with a variety of accessories and a clearly written instruction manual, making the installation process quick and straightforward. The chair is also easy to stack and disassemble, facilitating convenient storage.
High Quality Craftsmanship
The varnish finish makes for simple upkeep and added durability.
Item Model Number: LPK928
Color: Natural
Material: Beech Wood
Product Dimensions: 18.23x19.1x31.3 inch / 463x485x795 mm
Product Weight: 15.34 lbs / 6.96 kg
Seat Adjustable Distance Per Setting: 1.38 inch / 35 mm
Footrest Adjustable Distance Per Setting: 1.42 inch / 36 mm
Package Content
1 x High Chair
1 x User Manual
1 x Set of Accessories
5-Level Versatility with Strong Adaptability: This high chair offers conversion to any height position, functioning as both a toddler chair and a traditional dining chair suitable for all age ranges. It can be tailored to fit the varying stages of your child's growth, ensuring a comfortable and secure dining experience. With a maximum weight capacity exceeding 250 pounds, this chair grows with your child from infancy through childhood.
Ergonomic Design for Growing Needs: Designed in alignment with the natural growth cycles of a child, this adjustable feeding chair offers adjustable seat and footrest heights to provide support for people at different ages. It helps maintain an upright back and a 90-degree knee angle, allowing the feet to rest flatly on the footrest. This design is effective in correcting posture and promoting healthy development.
Quality Imported Beech Wood: Built with high-quality, environmentally certified beech wood, this convertible wooden high chairs is corrosion-resistant and crack-resistant, ensuring durability and safety. The L-frame design provides robust stability.
Easy-to-Clean, Water-Resistant, and Stain-Resistant: A varnish finish makes maintenance a breeze and adds an extra layer of protection. To clean, simply wipe with a soft, clean cloth to avoid scratching. When not in use, avoid storing in outdoor or humid conditions. For added safety, regularly tighten screws and bolts to ensure structural integrity.
User-Friendly Installation and Operation: Our dining booster seat comes with a comprehensive set of accessories and a clear assembly manual, making installation quick and straightforward in just one step.